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sek uh nd hand /sk ndhænd/. See more synonyms on not directly known or experienced obtained from others or from books. Most of our knowledge is secondhand. previously used or owned. dealing in previously used goods. after another user or owner. He bought it secondhand. indirectly at second hand. He heard the news secondhand. Origin of secondhand Expand. 1645-55 second 1 hand.
The best of Brussels second hand 14 Addresses The Bulletin.
The best of Brussels second hand 14 Addresses. How can you add a little flair to your wardrobe or living space help reduce the carbon footprint of production and even save a little money? By buying second hand or used and recycled goods during your stay in Brussels which has become one of Europes top places for second-hand shopping by the way.
Second hand cars Traders LeasePlan.
Buy second-hand cars that meet the highest quality standards. I am a trader. I am a private individual. Useful information for drivers. All about included services maintenance tyres and more. Second hand cars Traders. More than 20 cars? More than 20 vans? LeasePlan CarNext is part of LeasePlan Belgium Belgiums 1 leasing company with over 50000 vehicles on the road. Each year LeasePlan CarNext in Boortmeerbeek handles sales of no less than 12000 used lease cars with not too much mileage on the clock. Do you have a specific question?
second-hand cars LeasePlan.
Used Audi and second-hand Audi in Belgium
Autovlan Looking for a used / second-hand Audi? We have hundreds of Audi in stock! Visit our website and find the car you are looking for!
Second-hand and used cars in Belgium
Autovlan Looking for a used / second-hand car? We have thousands of cars in stock! Visit our website and find the car you are looking for!
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2 A scientific methodology has been made to analyze how much CO2 emissions are reduced when buying used goods like second hand hardware versus new hardware. Quality second hand goods can be more durable than equivalent new goods. Second-hand goods may have faults which are not apparent even if examined purchasing sight unseen for example from an Internet auction site has further unknowns. Goods may cause problems beyond their value for example furniture may have not easily seen bedbugs 5 which may cause an infestation which is difficult and expensive to eradicate. Faulty electrical and mechanical goods can be hazardous and dangerous.

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